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Creative Ways to Re-purpose Moving Boxes

Don’t throw away those moving boxes! You can reuse and re-purpose them, and up-cycling is always better than wasting. You don’t even have to be all that crafty and for some projects, even your kids can help! From crafts to storage to home decor, there is a little something for everyone in this small sampling of creative ways to reduce, reuse, and re-purpose that cardboard!

Sequin Letter Garland from Moving Boxes

re-purpose moving boxes

Have a birthday party coming up? Is it getting close to New Year’s Eve? What about a house warming party? We KNOW you want to have a housewarming party to show off your new home. Grab a few of those moving boxes, some sequins, and some quality twine or string and save a few bucks. That fancy garland is expensive and it’s always fun to say you did it yourself. If sequins aren’t your thing, think moss instead for a more earthy vibe. More details on the A Beautiful Mess blog.

re-purpose moving boxes


From Moving Boxes to Geometric Cardboard Lamps 

Looking for a more challenging project to re-purpose moving boxes? Maybe you just want your hard, creative work to go into something more permanent or you need a little light in your life! If you have the patience and nimble fingers for it, don’t be afraid to tackle these geometric cardboard lanterns! You will definitely want to follow the directions on Instructibles.com on this one!

re-purpose moving boxes re-purpose moving boxes

Furniture from Moving Boxes!

You know what you need for that lamp? A nightstand to set it on. Seriously, you CAN repurpose moving boxes by building furniture out of them. There are YouTube videos galore out there should you need chairs and more, but a great starting point is this nightstand courtesy of designer Adrian Candela. More info and downloadable instructions are available on his website.

re-purpose moving boxes

Moving Boxes Made into Stylish Storage and Decor

It doesn’t take much to turn those less than pretty brown moving boxes into something more eye-catching. A pretty simple and affordable place to start is with fabric. You choose what fits your style and follow Namely Original’s advice on making moving boxes work in your space for storage and decor.

re-purpose moving boxes

Cardboard Handbags

This one is perfect for little girls! These repurposed moving boxes turned handbags are just right for birthday party grab bags. They are super easy to make and young ones can even decorate their own! Learn the process step by step here.

re-purpose moving boxes

We’ve really only just scratched the surface. There are seemingly unending amounts of creative ways to re-purpose moving boxes and they all lead to a greener planet and hours of fun. Keep those boxes handy after moving day and pull them out on the next rainy afternoon. That should get you through the Summer months. Come back and see us in Fall and we’ll tell you all about turning some of those boxes into Halloween costumes too!